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Interview with Elliot Baker, Pink Grapefruit Catering Londons Head Honcho.

Hi Elliot thanks for taking time out,

Can you tell us a little bit about how and why you started the business.

"Pink Grapefruit was born from a group of professionals working in high end catering backgrounds and a love and passion for food. What makes us stand out is our philosophy: we believe that food should be an affordable, enjoyable, and sociable experience. We like to let the ingredients do the talking and only source high quality, organic, and ethically sourced local produce that never compromises on taste. Sustainability and the environment are important elements and we strive to ensure that we deal with everyone fairly and honestly."

What do you need to know from an organiser in order to provide a comprehensive quote?

"In order for us to provide a comprehensive quote, we need a few important things- a date (or dates) that the event will take place on, venue type if you have one and if they have ovens etc on site. The type of event can also be important as this affects the costs eg buffet, canapes, three-course sit-down meal. Finally and most importantly the number of people, it can be an estimate as we know the numbers usually change but just so we know what we are working with. From all of this, we can provide an accurate quote for you."

What advice would you give to a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

"The advice we would give is- always look for reviews, in multiple places not just from one source! Ask if they could do a tasting, it's always important especially for when for a large number of people. Any health and safety documents they might have which is sometimes necessary when cooking at other people's venues."

Thanks so much!

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