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Selecting the Perfect Menu for your Event.

Getting married soon? Or maybe you’re hosting a company function or large celebration in the London area? Either way, Pink Grapefruit is the perfect events caterers London and has you covered in terms of feeding your guests so that you can concentrate on entertaining them.

Our menu includes sustainably sourced canapés, a la carte food, buffet food, bbq, and bowl food and, while all these choices can seem overwhelming at first, we have some great advice to help you choose the perfect food for your event.

Firstly, we recommend thinking about the event you’re hosting. Ask yourself questions like, “What time of day/year is the event?”, “Is it an indoor or outdoor event?” and “How many guests will there be?”. Your event might also have a theme, in which case it may need a special, a la carte menu. All these details should point you in the right direction for your event catering.

Many events have canapes only. The time of day can affect this choice. Some of our clients have guests who would much prefer plated food over a buffet, and vice versa so this is also another consideration.

Of course, you can’t just serve your guests great food: you also need to think about beverages as well! It is always a good idea to pair your food with suitable drinks. For example, champagne or sparkling wine pairs very well desserts, cheese, and fish.

Your budget can also be a very important factor and if you’d like to know how to make your budget stretch or what would be most suitable for the budget you’re working with, contact us and we’ll be glad to give you some recommendations.

Finally, do any of your guests have dietary requirements or allergies? The food you serve should be reflective of the type of event you’re hosting and should take into account the preferences of guests. Wedding catering can be tricky in this regard, especially if you have a large number of guests and, in this case, you may want to give guests a choice.

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