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Sustainable Catering in London

Why opt for sustainable catering?

In recent times, the world is becoming a safer, cleaner, sustainable place to live and work. One of the most significant areas that have been focused on all over the world is the promotion of sustainable living and conservation of valuable resources through proper waste management.

The hospitality industry is one of the leaders in waste production. This is because the choices made about foods, equipment, logistics, and materials used for catering events greatly influence environmental sustainability.

The use and disposal of plastic plates, cutlery, cups, and excess food are sources of waste, which can significantly impact the environment. Due to this, caterers in the hospitality industry can contribute to sustainability by affecting best practices through sustainable catering.

What is sustainable catering?

Sustainable catering allows professionals to reduce the carbon footprint of their events by providing sustainable food choices for participants. It also entails planning your event to include the following;

Sustainable food choices like:

Ø Fresh, local and seasonal produce

Ø Vegetarian foods

Ø Fair Trade produce (typically tea, coffee, and chocolate)

Ø Organic produce

Sustainable Catering Supplies such as

v Using jugs of tap water rather than bottled water

v Using recyclable crockery and cutlery. When that is not possible, then non-disposable crockery and cutlery may be used instead.

v The use of recycled content, paper napkins or linen napkins and tablecloths is promoted.

Proper Waste Management

What is a catering event without waste? However, in sustainable catering, waste is minimal. Sufficient waste bins for both general and recyclable wastes are provided while wastes are properly disposed of. This includes green clearing where only environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic cleaning supplies are used.

Why You Should Opt For Sustainable Catering

· Delivers meaningful health result: In sustainable catering, only fresh fruit and vegetables grown without pesticides and fertilizers, GMOs, ionizing radiation, and sewage sludge are used in food preparation. While animals are grown organically with no growth hormones. These types of food deliver the best nutritional value to humans. They also reduce human exposure to all forms of harmful substances and keep the body healthy and strong.

· Environmental benefits: The environmental benefits too. Sustainable catering makes use of only organic food which does not require chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers that damage our environment by polluting waterways and destroying fertile land. With the increase in demand for organic food, non-commercial agriculture is reduced, and the environment has to contend with fewer chemicals.

· Better waste management: Also, with sustainable catering, less waste is generated, as many recyclable and biodegradable elements are used.

Sustainable catering is the best option for anyone who wants to support the world's effort in ensuring an eco-friendly ecosystem and a healthy lifestyle. If you are in search of a sustainable catering company in London, then your best option is to opt for Pink Grapefruit. Known as one of the leading catering firms in London, Pink Grapefruit offers a wide range of catering options for corporate clients. From healthy breakfasts and lunches to sophisticated canapes catering, Pink Grapefruit is one of the top events caterers in London and has all it takes to meet your needs.

Check out the Sustainable food policy here.

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